A Digital Garage For Moray and the Highands? Help Scotland harness the power of the Internet

Here’s something that might appeal to businesses throughout Moray. The mighty Google is kick-starting a series of pop-up digital workshops with the aim of helping small, local businesses improve their digital and Internet skills.

Google’s ‘Digital Garage’ project sees Google hook-up with local Internet and Computer professionals to give advice on everything from basic Internet browsing skills to more complex mechanisms like Social Media marketing, increasing search-engine rankings (SEO) and developing e-commerce.

The first pop-up workshop will go ahead in Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Eileen Naughton, Google’s managing director of UK and Ireland, said less than 30% of small businesses in Europe had an effective online presence, and Google wanted to ‘jump start’ the other 70%.

“We understand (small businesses) don’t have the benefit of large IT tech infrastructure and development, and they need our assistance in this area disproportionately more than a large business would,” she said in an interview.

The six-month trial in Leeds will open on 30 March and include a digital “tune-up” service for small businesses.

Google will seek the help of local partners who can provide one-to-one mentoring sessions on digital business skills.

Google plans to expand the project to four other UK cities, although the Search Engine hasn’t announced where it will head next.

As Google makes clear on its website, ‘Small businesses with a strong web presence grow more than twice as quickly as those without.’

Business owners can register for workshops and other events being run at the pop-up by visiting digitalgarage.withgoogle.com.

Hit them now with requests for a similar campaign in Moray and the Highlands.

Failing that, help organize our own ‘digital garage’ by getting in touch with The Pixel Surgery or start hassling the good people at Business Gateway Moray to get a bid in for a series of ‘pop-ups’ in the local area.

About the author

The author has covered all aspects of web development and internet marketing. Work conducted on behalf of Art Empire Industries, GBEye, Sheffield City Council. The author’s mission is to provide an ethical web service to small & medium sized businesses throughout the North East of Scotland and ensure a fair and reasonable trade-off between the money they invest and any subsequent business growth. Based in Moray.

Email: alan.sarjeant@gmail.com


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