Edinburgh Arts Festival 2015: Come and Join the Dennis and Dennis Club

Edinburgh Art Festival (EAF) is set to announce its typically ambitious programme of events. The festival is the largest and perhaps most innovative visual arts festival in Britain today, bagging in excess of a quarter of a million visitors every year. This year you’ll get roughly 40 exhibitions and a teasing, impromptu selection of pop-up displays. 30 of Edinburgh’s museums, galleries are taking part including the Edinburgh College of Art, The Fruitmarket Gallery, the National Museum of Scotland and The Queen’s Gallery.

You can more details on the actual roster and the general ‘floorplan’ over at the festival’s official website.

If I do make it down in August, I’ll definitely be checking out surrealist digital artists, the Dennis and Dennis Club from Glasgow at an exhibition organized by Codebase, an agency that helps ‘birth’ digital innovations.

The Dennis and Dennis Club specialise in Audio-Visual ‘Installation’ pieces, which is part of what we might loosely describe as ‘Public Art’, so the gallery-museums setting for the festival couldn’t be more relevant. Don’t know what it is? Well join the club. My understanding is that ‘Installation Pieces’ take a relatively small indoor space and extend and transform them using all manner of devices including video, sound, performance,  and virtual reality presentations and projections. Not so much magic-realism as magic-digitalism. Everywhere is theatre and reality is all audience-based. It takes the basic threads of ordinary life and tailors something thrilling from the fabric. And yes, contrary to expectations Public Art goes beyond projecting images onto the buildings like Buckingham Place with ska-bands from the 80s arsing around on top.

Naturally there’s dashes of futurism and surrealism (and things I don’t really understand), but the themes are as approachable and commonplace as they come: death, anxiety, destruction, secret lives and a vivid extrapolation of the basic principles behind social constructionism (which roughly translates as reality is not a ‘given’, it is ‘produced’ and maintained and consumed collectively).

Anyway you can make sense of the Dennis and Dennis Club yourself at the following websites:



If you are looking for bed and breakfast hotels for the shows then check out these pages:
Cheap guest rooms Glasgow
Cheap guest rooms Edinburgh

‘Echochamber’ – The Dennis and Dennis Club


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