Mobile Friendly Web Design For Inverness and Beyond

If the River Ness can flow into the Moray Firth in such a smooth and easy fashion, it seems only right that the Pixel Surgery should extend a friendly surgical glove (and a sterile tray of bright and shiny web design services) to Inverness: one of the fastest growing economic areas, not just in the Highlands, not just Scotland but in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Whether you are a pub or restaurant on the King’s Highway, a bed and breakfast hotel at Ness Bank or  a salon or hobbycraft retailer at Inshes Retail and Leisure Park, the Pixel Surgery can give you a quote on producing a new mobile-friendly website, updating and adapting an existing one, or just assisting you in your Internet Marketing and Social Media Campaigns.

We have a good range of design and development services on offer, all at reasonable prices and it all comes backed by a friendly, supportive service.

We’ll also account for every aspect of the design work we do in a meticulous and transparent fashion.


Offering web design to Inverness certainly isn’t a challenge where travel is concerned. We enjoy easy access to the A96 and can generally be in the city in less an hour. And besides, it’s a gorgeous city in a gorgeous part of the world and frankly we’d make any excuse to pay it a visit whether we have design work in the area or not.

Our dedicated Inverness web developer has covered all aspects of web development and internet marketing, and has over the years, conducted work on behalf of Art Empire Industries, GB Eye and Sheffield City Council.

Our mission is to provide an ethical web design service to small & medium sized businesses and ensure a fair and reasonable trade-off between the money they invest and any subsequent business growth.

If a website can be designed cheaply, we’ll tell you. If there are services and add-ons you don’t need, we’ll tell you this also. The work we conduct will be tailored to your budget and we’re willing to offer discounts to charitable and community projects, or projects that seek to breathe fresh life into the local economy.

Your web developer can offer you the following services:

  • Domain registration
  • Mobile Friendly Web Design (Inverness is out on a geographic limb, so it really pays to be mobile!)
  • WordPress Hosting & Installation
  • WordPress Customization
  • Shopping Cart Design
  • SEO services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google AdWord Campaign Management
  • Twitter/Facebook Page Design & Customisation
  • Installation of Site Metric Tools (Google Analytics)
  • Multi-platform Web Design for Mobile Phones and Tablet Devices

Remember; the virtual tills keep ringing through the night. A successful design could be vital for those businesses operating in remote and rural areas that have difficulty sustaining foot traffic. Whether you are in major cities like Inverness, towns like Elgin and Forres or remote rural areas on the Black Isle and beyond, a professional looking website that can compete at the highest level could be critical to your business.

Pixe/ Loom and the Pixel Surgery

For more information visit the Pixel Surgery website or get in touch with and we could have an accident and emergency repair team in Inverness within the hour.


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