Aberdeen Alarms

Published a new site for Aberdeen (Aysec) Alarms this week. It was an interesting job as I’d never been approached by this industry before and home security wasn’t something I spent an awful lot of time of thinking about prior to building the site, so it was a massive surprise to learn that home security had been bolstered no end by mobile technology and smart-apps.

It seems inevitable in retrospect but it was a bit of a shock to find that the Agility 3 and CPX alarms from Risco gave you the option of viewing what was happening in your home with real-time video streams. Even better if you had old folks you wanted to keep an eye on or errant kids you needed to make sure had really gone to school and not bunked off at home for the day. And they’ve also made smart use of cloud technology. Today it all goes well beyond ‘bells and sirens’ deterrent; especially with the 24/7 alarm monitoring services and the option to hook it all up to ‘the busies’ for a blue-flashing light response.

Tough getting the balance right between ‘threatening’ and reassuring but I think we just about managed. It’s like electioneering to a certain extent; neither the user nor the voter wants to encounter a negative campaign, so offsetting the stern warnings with a supportive and reassuring dialogue was essential. A hard-sell in this context could easily be counter-productive, especially in the domestic market. Put the frighteners on and users could so easily turn off. It’s much easier sticking your head in the sand if saddled with undue pressure. Crime stats are the last thing users want to here. The positives must outweigh the negatives, so colour schemes must be as bright and proactive as the alarm bells themselves. Yellow and black have a certain kind of resonance in both culture and nature; they mean danger and they serve as a warning. It’s as true of wasps and bees as it is of hazard signs. And besides, colours work at a far deeper level of consciousness than a simple verbal warning.


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