Room4u hotel directory 15 years old

Happy to announce that the Room4U website has been live now for a staggering 15 years. Designed and built originally to showcase a range of development skills to clients, the 6000+ page website has maintained its search dominance since the early noughties. It might not generate the 250 thousand visitors per month it did at its peak but it still satisfying the wanderlust of thousands of hotel guests a year.

Partners over the years have included, Activehotels, Laterooms, Venere and Superbreak, each of them awarding a generous commission on bookings generated by the Room4U website.

At it’s peak in the mid-noughties Room4U was grossing as much as £15,000 a month in commission alone. This means we were amassing as much as £200,000 a month for our partners.

The Room4U website continues to expand and 2015 saw us roll out a mobile friendly revamp that is due for completion in early 2016.

The production of new content continues apace with some 800 new reviews added in this last year alone. We are also in the process of introducing a new search tool which will allow users to search the 7,000 UK hotels by guest type. Guest types will include ‘Indulgence’, ‘LoveNest’, ‘Sport’, ‘Rambler’, Pet Lover’, ‘Briefcase’ (business breaks), ‘Family-Sized’, ‘Stars in Their Eyes (for theatre breaks), ‘Energizer’ (sport) and ‘Seaview’. Each hotel has been individually handpicked to suit at  least one of the above.

Major towns and cities covered include: Central London, Brighton, Bath, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Winchester, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. Airports like Gatwick and Heathrow are also covered


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