Photos of Cairn Gorm & Aviemore Ski Centre

Last week I made the trek up Cairn Gorm and the Aviemore Ski Centre. Given the fresh fall of snow and the fact my trip coincided with the half-term holiday (or extended weekend break in the Highlands) I found it bursting at the seams with all manner of sledgers, snowballers, skiers, ramblers and half-pipers. In these parts, where keeping a regular stream of foot traffic into shops, cafes and bars can be something of a struggle, it was a fine sight indeed.

I made my trip as light as possible. A change of shirts stuffed in my ruck-sack, an extra fleece and a flask of coffee. And for shots of the place I just relied on my Samsung Smartphone. I was keen to show customers that decent graphics didn’t have to cost the earth; that with a little imagination and a grasp of composition you could get some more than passable efforts with a Smartphone. This doesn’t rule out the need for professional photography in the more demanding of circumstances, but it should reassure some local businesses that decent shots can be achieved on a very tight budget indeed. It’s just case of thinking like a storyteller: what the focus? what is the image trying to sell? how do I best set it against the background? who am I looking through the eyes of? can I use the existing light source to my advantage? are there any sharp, natural contrasts?

The shots were taken at Ryvoan Both near Abernethy, Glenmore, Cairn Gorm, the route to Ben Macdui and Aviremore Ski Centre.


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