Rogie Falls near Contin, Highlands of Scotland

With school and work looming it felt wise to try and clear body and mind of all that grueling festive cheer. Temperatures across the Highlands were due to drop from a tropical 8 degrees to a more invigorating three degrees, and with light still being far from generous in these bleak mid-winter months, every effort was made to make an early start. Arrived at the Rogie Falls Car Park around 10.00am to be met by a fat and satisfied Robin sitting on top of a post at the information board. It was the most unlikely of welcome meetings. “I’ll be your Robin for the afternoon, and I’d like to point out the emergency exits to your left, toilet facilities to your right and I’m required to say that contributions are on an entirely voluntary basis. Nuts, seeds and flakes of assorted crumbling pastries being most welcome. Please don’t wobble the bridge.”

This very popular walk can be found near Contin just off the A835 between Contin and Garve, just 20 or so miles from Inverness. The marked trails are at best only an hour or so in length but there is plenty in the area to do once the trails have been completed (the sprawling Strathconnon Estate, Strathpeffer and Loch Maree being particular favourites).

The centrepiece of the walk is the dramatic suspension bridge that spans the gorgeous cascades of the mighty Rogie Falls on the Black Water river.

Perfect opportunity to try out a new tripod for a series of fast and slow-exposures.


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