Craigellachie Hotel – History of the Resort

The following report from the Aberdeen Press and Journal, dated 24 May 1899 shows how the Craigellachie hotel has lost none of its original charm — despite the custard reboot (feature photo dated 1921). THE DEVELOPMENT OF CRAIGELLACHIE ITS HOTEL, ITS SCENERY, AND ITS INDUSTRIES A party of Aberdonians spent e delightful week end at Craigellachie…

Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2017 – From Strength to Strength

The week beginning April 25th had started with snow and finished with some sparkling Spring sunshine on the Spey. Both Craigellachie and Dufftown were buzzing and the already limited parking options shrank with cheerful abandon by the day. It was the best of times, and it was the best of times. David Mckenzie of Speyside…

Sunsets Over Moray Autumn 2016

First time I’ve really put any effort into capturing some of the magnificent sunsets we have over Moray and Speyside. Not ventured too far afield as these things pretty hard to predict, so it was really just a case of looking for near-clear skies around 3.00pm and then legging it as fast as I could…

Super Moon 2016 Moray & Speyside

In terms of brightness, that additional 15% made the 2016 Super Moon 15% more difficult to capture. Didn’t do it justice but had fun trying. Here’s several shots taken as it rose above Ben Aigan near Aberlour and above Elgin just before dawn. There’s also a sneaky one of the sunset the previous evening.


Well the full solar eclipse came and went without really exciting the children, the birds or inspiration. On a hill above Craigellachie we watched for a full half-minute as the scruffy veil of clouds drew back to reveal a brief glimpse of the moon thrusting a thin, blurry sickle across the face of the sun….