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My new business website went live recently so thought I’d support the whole project with a blog. It’s just one way of exploring some of the issues that get raised when designing sites for my customers. It also gives me the freedom to address all the things that inspire that work too. Like some DNA double helix, you’ll be able to see how all these things bond. It’s the melting inside the pot, the spirit inside the machine. And maybe a bit like those bits of loose coloured objects you get inside a toy kaelidoscope; it won’t always make sense, but hopefully sometimes it will look nice.


The new business website should tell you what I’m all about and the things we are capable of doing together. I’ve included case-studies for a small selection of sites designed for customers like Brampton Brewery and ISMedica. It’s not exhaustive by any means, but at least it offers a snapshot of some of the services I can offer, and some of the things I’d like to achieve.

About the author

The author graduated in Literature & Linguistics at Sheffield Hallam University in 1993 before making the unlikely transition to Information Systems a few years later. Editor at Crud Magazine from 2000 to 2012. Interests include signs, semiosis and other crazy phenomena that contribute to the mechanics of communication. Also likes baking.

Lives in the Central Highlands of Scotland with his wife and two daughters.


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  1. John fairley says:

    Souvenir Press passed your e Mail on to me, which allowed me to access your beautifully produced web site. And, of course, that wonderful piece on your trip to Tomintoul. The fact is that, since William Allison died, some years ago, I have not been pursuing Toplis very hard. Your article is full of fascinating stuff, some of which did get into the new introduction and epilogue which I wrote for Souvenir Press. But there was a compelling thread which we certainly did not consider more than thirty years ago.
    The centenary of the Etaples events comes up in September of next year, and my energies are being devoted to trying to make the BBC repeat the series. At the moment they seem determined to resist.
    If it is not impertinent to say, I thought your piece was beautifully written. There has to be a further outlet for it somewhere.


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