Toplis’ Life In the Highlands

Dundee Courier Angus, Scotland, 8th June 1920

How he deluded hotel guests

The mother of Percy Toplis yesterday travelled from her home at Alfreton, Derbyshire, in the company of two Officers from Penrith Constabulary in order to identify the body of the man shot on Sunday night. She was much distressed.  It would appear that Constable Fulton, the policeman responsible for the trapping of Toplis confirmed his suspicions as to the identity of the individual from a Sunday newspaper.

When he came across the suspected man, the latter was sitting by roadside intentedly reading an account of the Tomintoul shooting outrage. Fulton took the paper away with him, and after reading the description of Toplis thought it tallied with that of the man he had spoken to.


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